Friulano [pron. free-oh-LAH-no] is a medium-bodied, aromatic, dry white wine, the most widely planted and most often drunk wine throughout the areas of the Friuli region, the northeasternmost region of Italy. The best vineyards in this region are located on the south-facing slopes of the Alps foothills in the southern part of the region where they can benefit from the most direct sunlight and the night time cool breezes from the Adriatic. 

Friulano's aromas range from green apple and pear to more rounded apricot, peach or even tropical touches. Most show some minerality and spice, while hazelnut and almond notes are often common. 

Prosciutto is Fruilano's most classic companion. Lighter style Friulanos work well with salads (since their crispness will offset the acidity of a vinaigrette dressing), shrimp and other light seafood dishes (especially sushi, clams and grilled shrimp). Richer styles of Friulano match well with monkfish, pork dishes, and pastas with cream or olive oil-based sauces. 

Friulano wines are not known as the best companions for cheeses.