Gavi Di Gavi

Gavi di Gavi (or Cortese di Gavi or simply Gavi) is an Italian white wine made exclusively from the Cortese grape. Cortese grapes make a light, citrusy, full-bodied white wine that have long been favored by restaurants in the neighboring port of Genoa as a wine that pairs well with local seafood caught off the Ligurian coast. The wine's moderate acidity and light, crisp flavors pair well with the delicate flavors of some fish. 
Gavi di Gavi pairs well with many seafood dishes, such as grilled fish and fish soup, and shellfish, especially with citrus sauces. 
Cheeses that go well with Gavi di Gavi include herbed Boursin, Bucberon, Dry Jack, sheep-milk Feta, Gouda, Havarti, Mahon, Neufchatel, Raclette and Pave Affinois.