Torrontes is a white Argentine wine grape varietal that produces fresh, aromatic wines with moderate acidity, smooth texture and mouthfeel as well as distinctive peach and apricot aromas on the nose. Torrontes is grown throughout Argentina, and its acreage is steadily increasing, Part of its increase in numbers comes from the increase in Argentine wine exportation where the varietal has found considerable success in the United States, the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Torrontes is also grown in Chile. 

Torrontes has the capability of producing wines of high quality, but its success depends on the skill and care of the winemaking process, particularly in maintaining suitable acid levels to balance the wine. At its most ideal, Torrontes wines are for early drinking since they are not too heavy, are high in acidity and are aromatic in a way reminiscent of, but not identical to, Muscat. 

Torrontes pairs well with fish, shellfish, chicken, veal and pork with acidic and spicy sauces, and South American and Pacific rim cuisine. 

Cheeses that go well with Torrontes include herbed Boursin, Bucheron, Dry Jack, sheep-milk Feta, Gouda, Havarti, Mahon, Neufchatel, Pave Affinois, Pepper Jack and Raclette.