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Why Sonoma's Best?

In creating Sonoma’s Best online website, it was not our intention to include every wine under the sun but, rather, to showcase the wines that we have selected that, in our opinion, have great merit, though, admittedly, there is a focus on wines from Sonoma. The website is an extension of our store in Sonoma, reflecting wines that we have assembled for our residents and visitors to Sonoma.

Voted the “The Best Place To Buy Wine in Sonoma,” we attribute this honor to our careful selection of wines along with pricing that very often is well below what a consumer would pay at a winery or its tasting room and the fact that many of our Sonoma offerings are small producers with limited production and very little distribution, which means most are not available outside Sonoma County and, in some cases, outside our store.

While we love our Sonoma wines, we also have a similar affection for Old World wines, especially the wines of France and Italy that, we believe, continue to impress our local customers – including many local winemakers -- who are open to tasting and purchasing wines made in different styles than what are found locally.