2012 Costera Cannonau

Sardegna Italy


The story of Cantine Argioloas is basically the story of a family, a story that begin in the early 1900s on the island of Sardegna, the island home to farmers, olive groves and vineyards.  It was here in 1906 that Antonio, the family patriarch, was born.  His two sons, Franco and Giuseppe, inherited his passion for winemaking and shared it with their wives, Pina and Marianna, and then their own children.  Today, the winery is run  by the third Argiolas generation, Antonio's grandchildren.  It is, after all, a simple story,  one harvest after another that is handed down from parent to child.

Cannonau (pronounced "KAH-nohn-now") is the island's name for Grenache, one of the most successful wine grapes on Sardegna where some believe it may have originated.  With a smidge of two other varietals (Carignano and Bovale Sardo), this well-priced wine, ruby red in color, displays aromas and flavors of ripe black cherries and currants, and damson plum fruit with undertones of mocha, black licorice and pepper.  This full-bodied red pairs well with roasted beef, lamb cooked with  rosemary, filet mignon and rustic cheeses.  14% ABV TEG

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