2011 Vino Nobile di Montepulciano

Tuscany Italy


In 1309, Pope Clement V transferred the papal residence from Rome to Avignon, France.  In 1377, when Pope Gregory XI moved the papal residence back to Rome, some noble families of Avignon left France to follow him.  It was at that time, in Italy, that one of those families became known as Avignonesi, perhaps to simplify an otherwise difficult pronounciation of a foreign name.  Soon the Avignonese family separated into three branches which settled in Rome, Siena and Montepulciano. 

This medium-bodied Vino Nobile is comprised of three varietals -- Prugnolo Gentile, Canaiolo and Mammolino -- that create earthy, rustic aromas and flavors of black cherry, plum, licorice, earth and spice with a balsamic touch and a round, delicate and long-lingering finish.  91 points Wine Spectator.  14% ABV  RWC





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