2013 Langhe Arneis

Piemonte Italy


Arneis is one of the most common varietals in Piemonte, found especially in the Langhe and Roero area on both sides of the Tanaro River.  At one time, Arneis was blended with Nebbiolo to produce wines with a less aggressive character; hence, it is sometimes called "White Barolo,"  It was also once a common practice to plant a few Arneis vines amongst the more valuable Nebbiolo vines to ward off damage caused by birds and bees since, attracted by the sweetness and perfume of the Arneis, they would leave the Nebbiolo grapes alone.  In recent years, however, this precious and mysterious grape variety has regained popularity and become highly successful, producing white wines of pleasing and convincing aromas.  This fresh and dry Arneis, fermented using natural yeasts at a controlled temperature, pale straw yellow in color, delivers delicate aromas of fresh fruit and elegant flavors of peach and apple with a hint of bitter grapefruit on the lingering finish, making it a fine match with appetizers, fish courses and white meats. 13.5% ABV HWG

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