2014 Anthilia White Blend

Sicily Italy


In Italian, Donnafugata means "fleeing woman."  The story goes that, in the early 1800s, Queen Maria Carolina, wife of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, fled Naples upon the arrival of Napoleon's troops and sought refuge in the heart of Belice Valley in the heart of western Sicily.  This event inspired the image of the head  of a woman, her hair tossed about by the wind, found on every bottle of Donnafugata wine.In Italian, Donnafugata means "fleeing woman."   This well-balanced, crisp, dry and floral wine, made mostly from the Catarratto grape with a smidge of other local varietals, offers aromas and flavors of white peach, melon and lemon zest, an ideal match for seafood dishes, tuna salad, eggplant rolls and light pasta dishes.  12.74% ABV  TEG

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