NV Warrior Port (375ml)



The firm that became Warre's was establish in 1670 by two Englishmen, William Burgoyne and John Jackson who opened offices in northern Portugal as Burgoyne & Jackson, initially a general trading company exporting wines, olive oil and fruit as well as importing dried cod and English woolen goods.  Over time, the company admitted new partners and its name changed accordingly.  In 1718 it traded as John Clark; in 1723 it was known as Clark & Thornton, and in 1729 it became Messrs. Clark, Thornton & Warre with the arrival of the first Warre in Portugal.   This was William Warre, born in India (1706), where his parents and grandparents were long established members of the East India Company.  By the close of the 18th century, Warre's had become one of the leading companies engaged in the production and exporting of Port.  Warre's launch of Otima 10 & 20 Year Old Tawny caused a revolution in Port, introducing a completely new concept to consumers and helping to rejuvenate Port's image in the main markets.  Otima is now widely acknowledged as the most successful new development in the Port trade for over 25 years.

Warrior is the oldest brand of Port in the world, having been shipped continuously since the 1750s.  Its traditional style has been maintained over the years with intensely rich aromas and flavors of ripe red fruits and spices leading to a long and complex finish.  This well-balanced and full-bodied Port is superb with chocolate, chocolate desserts, cheese, nuts and dried fruit after a meal.  20% ABV RWC

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