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Sonomas Best Mercantile todd jolly serving a glass of wine

Todd Jolly

Certified Sommelier

Hand Selected

Todd’s selection is driven by hyper-local, small-production wines and remarkable collections from around the globe. Many of Sonoma’s Best’s offerings are small producers with limited production and very little distribution, which means most are not available outside Sonoma County and, in some cases, outside Sonoma’s Best.

The honor of being voted as “The Best Place To Buy Wine in Sonoma” can be attributed to Todd’s careful selection of wines at great values.

Sonomas Best Mercantile todd jolly serving wine 2

Sonomas Best Mercantile todd jolly holding wine labled Chablis

Your Trusted Wine Expert

Dubbed “The Champagne King,” Todd has worked in wine distribution and wine production and supply throughout his illustrious career. Now, he’s an independent retailer at Sonoma’s Best who is passionate about personal service and building long-term relationships with his customers.

Todd is Here to Guide You

As your personal sommelier, Todd is here to guide you in your wine selection. Stop by, give him a call, or shoot him a text and he will find the right wine for you.